A warm welcome to our website! We would like to distribute a positive message around the world and invite everyone to travel to The Gambia, The Smiling coast of Africa.

We will take you on a cultural journey and help you create a memorable and unique holiday experience. Our aim is to add value to your lifetime trip by offering not only what’s available in our regular offer but also to discover pure African daily life, remote villages, tribes and languages, delicious local food, vibrant markets, flourishing festivals, traditional ceremonies, hidden birdwatching places, amazing fishing experience and much more. We believe this country offers so much more than just luxury hotels and relaxation on the beach.

Think of us as your personal assistant service. Planning your trip to The Gambia with us can save your time and money. The organization is owned and run by Gambians, who will share a part of their life with you and take you inside the heart of the country. Our philosophy is giving back to the community. With us, you will meet local people working on small undiscovered projects, community activities and local schools programs. Our top priority is to change lives and protect the environment.

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