Many of you want to help but are not ready to make a long term commitment by becoming a sponsor. You can help the children without sponsors by paying a yearly tuition fee in an average sum of 50€.

Education is a basic tool in developing a child’s identity and is crucial in developing local communities and the country.  It affects the quality of live, results in lower mortality rates in children,and provides for a quality medical care and better food production.

In Gambia, there are not many state kindergartens, which means that parents have to pay fees for children to be able to attend. Elementary and state high schools are free of charge, but parents need to pay for mandatory school uniforms, books, notebooks, school supplies and other expenses (field trips, school events, other contributions).  Private elementary and high schools are not free of charge. In addition to the mandatory purchases of the uniforms, books, notebooks and school supplies, the cost of education, in other words the tuition fees, differs based on the school chosen and where the school is located.

The conditions in state schools are fairly difficult, which affects the level of education.  Many parents wish for their children to receive their education in private schools, but it is impossible for many. For this reason, even a small donation can make a big change in the life of an Gambian boy or girl.

Considering that the average yearly tuition fee is 50€, we decided that this way, anyone can help one child from Gambia. Tuition fees can be as high as a 100€, but that mostly applies to high schools.

Donations are sent directly to the account of our partner charity organization in Gambia, Charity Pearl The Gambia, where our colleague and cofounder of the organization ensures that the money goes straight into the hands of the parents, without mediators or any other parties. In case we establish that the family could spend the money for any other necessities, Charity Pearl The Gambia organization will pay the tuition fee directly to the school that the child is attending.  Every sponsor receives a photo and information of the child.

The project of sponsorship offers direct support to children in need, who grow up in very poor families and communities as a whole. This way we improve both the basic living conditions and educational opportunities for children, while investing directly in local community development. We are there to assist in raising the basic standard of children, and especially, providing education. We want to offer hope of a better life today and in the future to those children.

If you decide to pay the tuition fee for at least one child, send an email to 

Education Gambia Sponsor


Nursery School
Children start attending nursery school when they are three or four years old. It last for three years and it is immensely important as parents in poor families are mostly illiterate, and children learn the basics of life in school, first through playing games, later through studying. At nursery school level they start learning Basic English, which is crucial for a better future.

Lower Elementary School (Lower Basic School)
Lower elementary school in Gambia lasts for 6 years. Lessons are held in modest classrooms. Public schools only provide basic education. Private schools are more expensive, but are also of better quality. Children from poor families attend public schools. They have 5 to 6 hours of lessons per day.

Upper Elementary School/Upper Basic School
Upper elementary school lasts for three years and also provides basic education. After finishing this level of education, the children can decide for a profession by enrolling at a vocational school. They have 5 to 7 hours of lessons per day.

Senior Secondary School
Vocational school lasts for three years. The curriculum is adapted accordingto the chosen profession. The school offers additional training alongside general educational programmes, thus preparing them for studies at a post-secondary level.

The length of studies differs depending on the chosen university, and also the costs of studying, which strongly affect the education of the poorest.

In Gambia, several courses for gaining additional knowledge are offered in different fields.  All this contributes to an individual getting a job faster.

Gambia sponsor

If you wish to help to the child with the monthly contribution to guarantee a stable and secure childhood, give access to health care and daily school meal, than click HERE.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

When you give education, you give future. 


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