The Gambia provides a first class destination for any birdwatcher.  It is situated close to the northern limit of the tropical rain front and The Gambia is right in the middle of the narrow transitional zone between semi dessert and tropical rain forest, consequently, the country’s bird list includes species from both of these areas with the species to be seen varying with the onset of the rainy and dry seasons. Add to the African endemic species the many European migrants that either pass through The Gambia or spend the winter there, and one can see why the bird list is so large. Because of the proximity of the rain forest to the south and the desert to the north, there is always the chance of spotting something unusual that has overshot on migration, or on a food-finding tour.

Therefore Gambia’s birdlife is astonishingly diverse, and the 560 -plus bird species have relatively few predators. Characteristics sights are pied crows, urbanite magpie-like birds that are common throughout  the Sahelian region; electric blue Abyssianian rollers perched conspicuously on telephone wires and on bare branches; the marvellous, lurching flight of hornbills swooping across the road in forest areas; and unmistakable gaggles of noisy, glamorous long-tailed glossy starlings just about everywhere. The Gambia s also a regular haunt of Palearctic migrants – migratory species from Europe and Asia that overwinter in the tropics.

Birds have always delighted people all over the world because of their beauty and their power of flight. Historically, they used to be considered omens. The ancient Romans believed that the flights and calls of birds could foretell the future. Today, modern science still uses birds as a kind of oracle. Changes in bird populations can reflect the health of the environment. The knowledge of birds can help us plan a better, more sustainable relationship with nature.

Our Gambian licensed guide has over 9 years of experiences! He knows all the famous and as well the hidden places for birdwatching in The Gambia and Senegal. If you are just at the beginning of discovering a bird life, he will make you love it! He knows all the birds by name, their characteristics and migration habits. Shall you have the list of the “top wanted”, he will make sure you come at the right time of a year to spot them.

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Birdwatching Gambia

Photo: Jana Snuderl