Cycling holidays are perfect for those who enjoy exploring the country in a very special way. Experiencing the world beyond the borders of holiday resorts and learning about the destination through local places and residents with their stories of life, will make your holidays unforgettable. There is no better way to feel the heartbeat of a country than through cycling trips. You’ll come across animals and hidden villages, meet village’s chefs, spend time in the nature and have the finest look in the daily life of locals.

Cycling Gambia

With tide cooperation with a local agent we offer you an opportunity to get away from your place of stay  and explore the beautiful smiling coast of The Gambia on single and multi day tours. We organize excursion in The Gambia and beyond it borders. We provide our customers with convenient bicycles to your chosen destination with excellent customer care.

On the excursion, we have English guide who are well train and well experience in tour guiding and tourism related activities. Our events or excursion have many bonuses that we include in the basic price, which means that you cannot compare our value of excursion else where. We recommend to book early in order to make early preparation.

Cycling Gambia

Since Gambia is known for it peace and tranquility and has become such a popular destination for tourist, our aim is to offer to our customers everlasting memories and enjoyable experience through their stay. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority and we will be honored if you will tell your friends about it.

It is more amazing than you think…

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