The Gambia has fascinating flora and wildlife; vibrant ecosystems, varied landscapes and many different animal species. From savannahs to mangroves, beaches to cities, bushes to villages. Gambian nature reserves are very important for the Gambians and also for visitors. With more than 500 species of birds, some of them very rare, The Gambia is becoming one of the most popular travel and holiday destination for birdwatchers, nature and animal lovers.

This hidden, little treasure of West Africa, The Gambia, favours ecotourism, reconciling the environment, wild life and local community. Therefore many eco-lodges offer activities with a low impact on the environment like walking, cycling, river cruising and bird watching. Food served in the restaurants is as local and seasonal as possible, and you can expect simple, yet charming accommodations that emphasize the enjoyment of Gambia’s stunningly diverse beauty.

Many ecotourism projects have been developed in past years and we believe that in the near future, Gambia will become one of the best ecoturism destination in the world. As a strategy for sustainable destination development The Gambia has definitely chosen a responsible tourism policy which has been prepared by the responsible tourism partnership and has been produced and agreed through a multi-stakeholder process.  The government’s policy is to promote tourism and its contribution to economic growth. Their objective is to increase the contribution of tourism to our economy and to raise the living standards of Gambians. The government is continuing its efforts to broaden the tourism market, improve quality standards, and ensure rational use of the Tourism Development Area.

Makasutu Cultural forest
Makasutu Cultural forest

We do amazing things for the benefit of the community. Our sustainable development agenda ensures the community around us benefits also from the efforts of various people we are collaborating with. And with our effort, we help in creating sustainable environment which is ideal for the posterity. Our philosophy is giving back to the community to change lives, to protect and conserve our environment and the life of our people.

The Gambia is alive with humming ecosystems and a diverse geography, most of which has remained wild and prosperous despite the country’s growing tourism industry. The rise of ethical tourism adds to the appeal, as travelers are able to enjoy the country’s beauty and contribute beneficially to its economy and society.

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