A Gambia’s unique charm lies in its smallness but it is offering so much more comparing to other African countries.
Today we would like to introduce one more reason why you should visit The Gambia and why it is becoming one of the most popular travel destination in the world.

The growing popularity for recreational fishing since the early 1990’s, has now made The Gambia one of the most sought after fishing holidays destinations in the world, offering an extensive variety of fish species and fishing activities in different places.

This small friendly West African country can offer the travelling angler and his family, the opportunity to spend fantastic holidays in The Gambia. A combination of fishing and other activities is possible. Sometimes the whole family can join on excursion. For all those non fishing days there are many other activities available for the whole family. If traveling with kids, they will enjoy stunning beaches, animal parks, local school visits, swimming in the pool and playing with other kids.

Sea and river fishing is good all year around, particularly line-fishing from the beaches along Gambia’s southern seaboard. Deep sea fishing up to 30km offshore is the best from the middle of May to October. Sport fishing is excellent during the summer from June to December but good all other months. Boat anglers who prefer to avoid rough waters, saltwater bolongs, are perpetually tranquil and appealing. Wild waterways make an ideal habitat for a range of tropical fish and an ideal marine environment for the light tackle angler. With more than 70 different fish species in many inshore reef sandbars, rocky outcrops and deep channels, as well as the Gambia river, these features provide and ideal marine environment for creek fishing.

If you are an adventurous angler then we invite you to the smiling coast of Africa where you will get the best fishing adventure. Coming alone, with a group of anglers or with your family, The Gambia offers activities that fit any travel style.

The Gambia Government’s fisheries body is made up of the Fisheries Department which is mandated to plan, manage and develop the fisheries sector throughout the country, caters for fisheries policy and legislation frameworks. It is responsible for protection and development of the resources and for monitoring, control and surveillance of all fisheries and fisheries- related activities within fisheries waters and on land.

Photo: Jana Suderl
Photo: Jana Suderl