The Gambia offers breathtaking nature, diverse animal and bird-life, the mighty River Gambia, vibrant markets, flourishing festivals, colorful villages, paradise beaches, luxury hotels, eco-lodges, rich history, a fascinating mix of cultures and much more. It offers many unique experiences for the visitors. The most amazing thing about the country is that you can create your own experience that you will never forget.

The Gambia is bordering on the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and on Senegal from all other sides. Therefore you can combine your holidays in the Gambia and Senegal.

Senegal is offering wide range of activities that fit any budget and style. Here are just some of the ideas and suggestions.

Dakar, which is a modern metropolis and the capital city of Senegal offers museums, historical sites and non-stop cultural experiences. Local markets sell everything from clothing in beautiful handmade fabrics, to freshly cut coconuts, wood carvings and handmade drums. There is an impressive Grande Mosquée built in 1964, located in the heart of Médina, a lively neighbourhood where tiny tailor shops fight for space with improvised market stalls, and creative ideas brew between street cafés and makeshift football grounds. Capital city offers also snorkling excursions, amazing beaches, art complex, live music venue and much more.

Dakar Senegal

Casamance, in the area in the south of Senegal, you’ll find some of the finest beaches in West Africa. You can visit some of the inland islands rich in culture, legends and colonial history, or explore the old colonial towns where structural remnants of the infamous transatlantic slave trade still remain.

Fathala Wildlife Reserve is located near Karang in Senegal, just a short journey from the boarded between Gambia and Senegal. Due its location it is accessible for all visitors of The Gambia that want to enjoy some days in wildlife reserve. The reserve is an area that consists of approximately 6000 hectares of original and protected forest, providing guests with the opportunity to visit an original stretch of the African wilderness in it’s original condition.

Fathala Reserve Senegal

Lake Retba known as the Pink Lake, a beautiful waterbed in Senegal is one of the world’s strangest natural wonders. The pink hue is actually caused by a type of algae, called Dunaliella salina, which grows in these waters. The salt content here is so high that it can sometimes even reach 40 percent. This allows the algae to thrive (and you to float without a care in the world on the surface.) Locals work long hours here to harvest the salt from the lovely pink water.

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Lake Retba Pink Lake