Gambian cuisine is really special. Arabian, British, French and Portugeese influences are everywhere. The result is a fusion of ingredients and spices prepared in a unique way to produce a complex range of flavors.



When visiting The Gambia, you must try food that is offered on the streets. Not everywhere, but locals will advice you where to buy it. We believe getting to know a country through its food can bring you more close to people and their culture. We would recommend everyone visiting The Gambia for the first time to try at least one or two traditional dishes.

Akara Gambia Dang - Rice balls Gambia Nyambeh Ak Nyebbeh
Akara Dang Nyambeh Ak Nyebbeh
Yohoss Oyster Sandwich Domoda Gambia Fish Benachin
Yohoss Domoda Fish Benachin
Ebbeh Gambia Pancakes Gambia Cherrek ak mew
Ebbeh  Pancakes Cherreh Ak Mew
Afra Gambia Gambia Olele Olele
Afra – grilled meat Fish cake Olele Olele
Gambia Gambia Benachin
 Fish pie  Lait Chicken Benachin


Gambian Cuisine