In 2013 we became a part of International project Say Hello to the World. The Gambia was the first African country in this project and we are very happy and proud.
“Say Hello to The World” is an international project that connects children in kindergartens and schools by video network, where they can see each other live, wave to each other and learn their first foreign words. Much attention is given to learning about different cultures, traditions and ways of living. Children can show each other how they play, what songs they sing, what environment they live in, what food they eat, what language they speak, etc.
The purpose of the project is to motivate children through different interesting activities and thus teach them to loosen stereotypes, prejudices and intolerance to otherwise thinking, to foreigners, to people with special needs, elderly, etc. This will contribute to a greater quality of life, solidarity and respect, especially now, when the world is becoming increasingly open and accessible.
On Wednesday, on the 23rd of November we waved to the children from kindergarten in Lithuania. We introduced ourselves and sang a song. We are now looking forward to meet our new friends from kindergarten in Slovenia.
Thanks to our volunteer Jasmina Kozinc, who helped us to realize our first video call!
say hello to the world