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More and more honeymooners are looking for something new, something completely different, an added value to traditional selection.

The Gambia is an outstanding honeymoon destination. Nowhere else in the world can you experience such an unforgettable experience as in West Africa. It is an amazing start of a life together for newlyweds and it is a great opportunity to strengthen partnership, experience the world beyond the borders of holiday resorts and learn about the destination through local residents with their stories of life in the country.

Your lifetime trip can start by tasting traditional food, visiting remote villages, animal parks, national reserves, historical sites, local schools and getting to know the destination with the help of locals and their life stories.

After experiencing a real Africa, you can relax on white sandy beaches, sip drinks on a chair under a palm tree and look at the crystal blue sea in breathtaking Cape Verde. A combination of adventure, relaxation and romance will make your honeymoon in Africa unique and magical.

If you didn’t choose a luxury hotel for your honeymoon, you’re in for an emotional challenge and a remarkable exploration of other cultures, customs and habits.

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Volunteering on the honeymoon

We enable all newlyweds to spend a day or two (or more) with children at a kindergarten or a school. People, who choose this kind of trip, wish to experience something special, to join fun and relaxation with helping someone. This way they get to teach, play and sing with the children for a couple of days, organize a school trip or a sports day and spend the rest of their time sightseeing, getting to know the locals and relaxing.

Volunteering during the honeymoon has become popular in the last couple of year and it’s absolutely a pleasant way to start your life as a married couple and maybe even a highlight in your longterm shared life. Spending your honeymoon has even gotten a new name – honeyteering. It’s gaining popularity especially among American couples, but it’s also spreading to couples from many European countries. This kind of honeymoon is simply an extension of an ever more popular custom, where newlyweds ask their wedding guests to donate money, which was intended for a wedding present.

Although this trip might not be as luxurious as it would at a 5-star hotel, an experience like this can bring you much more than aforementioned luxury. You are going to meet the local people, their culture and nature and get the feel of their way of life. Of course staying in less luxurious accommodations also helps more towards their income.

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