No, this is Gambia! The treasure of West Africa!

The tiny, beautiful country offers much more than just paradise beaches and luxury hotels! Breathtaking nature, varied landscapes, diverse animal life, the mighty River Gambia with its river trips, vibrant markets, flourishing festivals, arts & crafts, colorful villages, delicious food, over 560 bird species, extensive variety of fish species and fishing activities, paradise beaches, luxury hotels, eco-lodges, rich history, a fascinating mix of cultures, cycling trips and much more.

In addition The Gambia is very stable, peaceful, affordable country within comfortable flying distance of Europe. Gambians are very friendly people. The country was also ranked as one of the best value holidays destinations in 2014. It is definitely a destination where you get more for your travel money!

We would like to distribute a positive message around the world and invite everyone to travel to The Gambia, The Smiling coast of Africa.

Gambia West Africa