Highlights of the past weekend

Last Friday evening we headed out to the local part of Serrekunda to see a live show by a group of African musicians. We were impressed by the variety of the program because we had the opportunity to hear several genres of tribal music which were accompanied by different dance numbers. The locals joined the program with ease and put on quite a show. We observed the dance floor from afar because we are much more shy in comparison with Africans.

Saturday was the day for spending time with children in Barra. The village used to be the exit point of the slave trade. They brought them from the mainland to Barra and from here to St. James Island and then to America and Europe. Today it’s an important trade transit spot because a large flow of merchandise passes from Senegal and back through Barra. The ferry connection also plays an important role. The river Gambia joins the Atlantic ocean here. A lot of people in Barra still live without electricity and running water. Families live in very difficult conditions!

On Sunday we went to the beach where a local beach festival took place. It is held every Sunday and is mostly attented by locals in the off-season. We didn’t have enough courage to join them on the dance floor.

Travel As A Volunteer is program which offers travelers a completely different travel experience. They not only get to see the country but they also share their knowledge, experience and spend a nice time together.

The Gambia doesn’t have many tourist sights, but it’s home to wonderful people, the sun, the sea and the animals. You’ll get to see the country through the eyes of a local while also working in the kindergarten.

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