Kindergarten End of School Year Party

On Monday, the 22nd of June 2014, we threw an end-of-the-school-year party for the children. The funds for the play on Friday, the 20th, and for the party on Monday, the 22nd, were donated by parents and donors. The parents contributed 1,30€ per child. We had quite a lot of problems collecting the money, but all the other kindergartens were doing the same and we didn’t want to be an exception, so our children wouldn’t feel inferior. The teachers bought everything we needed at the market the day before. We started cooking and preparing presents for the children early on Monday morning. They got mini spaghetti with chicken and sauce and juice for lunch. Each child also received a bag with cookies, popcorn, lollipop, chips and juice to take home. There was also a DJ at the party, who made sure that we all had fun. We were all dancing and singing. The children from the neighborhood also couldn’t resist the beats of African music. They joined us and we happily sang and danced together.

This was another unforgettable day for the children and us adults too. We would like to thank all donors who enabled us to bring so much joy to our students with this event.

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