Celebration with the children

A celebration with the children of regional kindergartens

On Friday, 6 June 2014, we were invited to an end-of-school-year celebration together with all kindergartens of our region. The celebration is organised and sponsored by the president of the country every year. Our region’s celebration took place at Serekunda Lower Basic School, a big state school that educates a couple of hundred pupils. Their classrooms are large and can accommodate up to 65 pupils.

The teachers arrived at the venue early in the morning to prepare the food. They cooked rice and baked chicken in sauce in huge bowls. Our volunteer Maja Dichlberger, who assisted the teachers, also attended the preparations and celebration. It was boiling hot and we all kept looking for shade to cool down a bit.

The place came alive at around 3 pm – the speakers were turned on and everybody started dancing and singing. By 4 pm all pupils and teachers of regional kindergartens had arrived. Each kindergarten received a large bowl of rice with chicken and sauce, juice and water. The children had a great time singing and dancing and enjoyed the food and drink very much.