Playful and creative day at kindergarten

Together with our volunteers, Maja Dichlberger & Tanja Viraj, we started today’s day with singing. We sang a song about shapes. Children sang and dance along. After singing we draw lines and squares in exercise books.

In the main brake we loosen up a bit and then we decided to paint with water-colours on flower pots as we want to decorate our kindergarten with flowers. We divided kids in the groups, gave them paintbrushes and water. They don’t paint with water-colours so often, so we had to show them first how to do it. The were really enjoying it. Eventhough there was not enough watercolours for everybody, they were sharing them and helping each other.

We finished the day playing with building blocks. They were making different shapes out of them. You could see it made them very happy, they didn’t do this before. We made their day (and also ours) more interesting and nicer.

Join to our team of volunteers in The Gambia!