Trip to Lamin Lodge

On Friday 16.05.14 afternoon we decided to go on a trip. We had a very busy working week so we wanted to relax. Volunteers also wanted to see some places in The Gambia which they can’t during the week because of their mission – volunteering in the kindergarten. A friend from Slovenia wanted to surprise us with a trip so he didn’t inform us where we were heading to.

So first, he took us to the Lamin village where we visited Lamin Lodge. Beautiful place to stop and chill out. Lodge is a building which is built on poles and standing in the water of the Gambia River, in the middle of the Mangrove Forests. The trip to there is bumpy but fun. Everywhere in the area you can see Mangrove grow and many so called green monkeys wandering around. Beside the monkeys and Mangroves you can see how cement is made from shells. They also have a bar & restaurant so you can enjoy a wonderful view while having a delicious meal. You can also stop for drinks only. They offer also a ride down the river by boat.
We were amazed by the beautiful nature and peaceful environment. A local artist created special African atmosphere with the calm drumming and singing. It took us away from the daily routine and loud atmosphere in the kindergarten.

Then we continued towards the Cultural Forest Makasutu. The path to get there was taking us through authentic African nature. We had a possibility to discover how cashews grow in the natural environment, and how does its fruit taste. Upon arrival in Makasutu we found out that we are too late to visit the place because it is a very huge forest and lodge. We decided to visit it again when we have the whole day off. Our day ended at the beach with soft drinks and beautiful African sunset.