Every two years, one of the smallest countries in Africa, The Gambia holds in an international reunion. Most of the people attending the festival have probably never met before but they will all share something in common; purest love for their motherland, dearest Africa. Also the heritage which goes back to the days of slavery, a shameful trade which let the separation of their true history, identity, cultural traditions, well preventing unity among them and the African continent.

The people of The Gambia have come out to welcome their cousins from around the world.This is what every two years brings people more than 5.000 miles across the world to The Gambia, the true culture of Africa. The reunion creates an atmosphere in which sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter memories are revisited. But most importantly it commends the involvement of great friendship and partnership, creating more gateways for development.

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture invites all people of African descent and all persons committed to the well being of Africans and the development of Africa, to come home to The Gambia and participate in The 12th edition of the International Roots Festival which is a historical, cultural and educational event, scheduled to take place in The Gambia from the Friday 6th – Friday 13th May 2016.

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