July 2017 is going to be special …

20 volunteers, 200 children, 1 summer camp.
With the help of volunteers, west coast of Africa will smile even wider.

Volunteers want to fill the summer of 2017 with unforgettable moments, sport days, field trips and provide school lunches …
5€ covers one child’s lunch for an entire month.

If you want to DONATE for a school meal, feel free to contact us directly at for further information.

Fundraising will go on until end of June! They will personally hand over the entire final turnout to the adults and children of The Gambia.


Sarah Senica who will travel as a volunteer to The Gambia in July 2017 together with 20 other volunteers from Europe has written the song Be the Change several years ago and feels that the right time to share it with the world is now! The song talks about individual responsibility for oneself, others and in general for our beautiful planet. Her family is her biggest inspiration when it comes to volunteering, they have always taught her that helping others cost nothing.

Her song will be included in all fundraising activities and throughout summer camp Gambia 2017.

Sarah, thank you for sharing your great song with us!

Song by Sarah Senica
Music by Primoz Hudoklin