If you too decided for next year to do something useful for yourself, for children and people, on your trip to a land of smiling people in the western Africa, then travelling with a purpose is the right choice!

Besides the fact you will be on your trip helping to needy children and families with your knowledge and experiences, you will also use your free time in the afternoons and in the weekends to explore the nature, admire animals in natural habitat and hang out with the locals who will, in very short time, become your big family! It is not only about work because the program is an excellent combination of volunteering and travelling, which differs a bit from the typical “touristic” travelling. Most of the time you will be spending time with the locals and children, visiting remote villages, working in a local school, searching for animals in natural habitat, cooking with the local women, negotiating on the local market, dancing in the rhythms of the drums, walking on a long sandy beach, tasting traditional dishes, observing locals at their work, etc.

There are things, which we forget from every trip, and there are things, which remain in our hearts forever! Travelling with a purpose to The Gambia is a trip you will never forget. You will experience the country through the eyes of the locals besides sharing your knowledge and experience with them…



In July 2017, there will be an international summer camp for the fourth year already! First registrations are already confirmed and we are extremely excited about the beginning of preparations with the team EXPEDITION 2017!

Work of the volunteers on summer camps is proven to be the most effective one. Children and teachers in kindergarten and school learned the most on our organized summer school camps since our volunteers carefully prepared activities every year, collected a great deal of school materials and completely devoted to teaching through play, dance and entertainment.

This year we will also begin with the preparations shortly after the New Year’s. With a team of ambitious, creative and energetic volunteers, we will establish a working group, which will contribute to better results on the spot! Besides the training, which is a mandatory element in the preparations, we will again raise funds which will enable free meals for all the participants of the summer camp. Training will be led by volunteers who were already in Gambia and experienced co-workers who work in the international environment for many years.


International summer camp in the kindergarten in Gambia will be carried out between 01.07. and 29.07.2017 under a new curriculum that will be prepared by us in the working group, together with the volunteers.

Summer camp is intended for all children age under 12 who register for a summer camp on time. We wish to enable them to attain knowledge on our international summer camp in a creative atmosphere of guided activities in small groups,relaxed, and in a manner of play; knowledge that they will need in life and further schooling, to overcome the fear and upgrade the communication in English language, to create artistically, to educate musically and to engage recreationally.

Professional education is not a condition. We invite EVERYONE – who wish to give children knowledge and at the same time learn some – to the summer camp. We wish that everybody who love working with children, would join us.

Volunteers at Africmed

In the local clinic and laboratory in Gambia during the summer camp we offer 4 VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES at the local clinic and local clinical laboratory.

You cover all travelling and accommodation expenses. More information about this available HERE.

For the execution of distributing free school lunches to all children who will attend to the summer camp, we need the help of donators and volunteers. In as much we do not gather enough means, we will not be able to provide school lunches to the children.

In our organization, you will receive constant information, learning, advising, monitoring and helping. Not only will you receive new experience with the volunteer work, but you will/we will influence also your personal growth, positive thinking, personal achievements, etc.


The arrival of tourists and volunteers is very important for Gambia. Namely, it has a leading role in the international trade and thus influencing the exchange rate. These two factors are the means for overcoming poverty. The governmental regulations are encouraging tourism and its impact on the economic growth of the country. The purpose of it is to enlarge the role that tourism has in the country and to improve the standard of living of the people in Gambia. The government wishes to expand the touristic activities, improve its quality and tries to assure a meaningful use of the soil for the development of tourism. In other words, the government is devoted to the ideal of a responsible tourism. The responsibility of all interest groups is to work with us in creating better living conditions for Gambian people as well as for the visitors.

With your arrival you indirectly influence on the daily earnings of a taxi driver, bread salesperson, saleslady of fruit and vegetables, beach sellers of fresh juices, personnel on local boats, artisan of souvenirs and other African products. By paying for the entrance fees to animal parks, with visiting a traditional concert, music festival, you support local activities and with that, you influence on the number of jobs. You can help a wider group of people without even knowing it.

If you want to join the team on the SUMMER CAMP 2017, write to


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  1. Kalu Uka Egbuta says:

    Hello, I wish to volunteer to teach in this forth coming camping. I am a qualified primary school teacher in Nigeria.