You can help by only visiting the country!

The Gambia is a popular travel destination for vacationers due to its accessibility – it is only a couple of hours away from the main European airports.

Tourists and volunteers arriving in the Gambia are of extreme importance to the country since they play an integral part in international trade and exchange rate. These two factors are among means to overcome poverty. The government promotes tourism and its impact on the economic growth of the country. The authorities aim to increase the role of tourism in the country and improve life quality. Further goals are to enhance tourist activities and provide land in light of tourism development. In other words, the government is committed to the ideal of responsible tourism. It is a responsibility of every interest group to cooperate with us in creating an improved life standard for the people of The Gambia as well as visitors.

The main tourist product in the land of smiling people, which is another name for The Gambia, is the country as a whole, together with its inhabitants. The country offers plenty of sunshine, sand and a long coastline, and is a paradise for bird-watchers, dolphin-watchers, recreational fishermen, and those who find pleasure in exploring tropical plants. You can go on a cruise on the Gambia River, visit and explore towns and villages. Ethnically and culturally, The Gambia is extremely diverse and offers a wide variety of experience to its visitors. Dance and music are an integral part of the country. The Gambia has a very rich cuisine, too. Last but not least, there are numerous historic sites, buildings, monuments and archeological findings, protected by UNESCO.

Help is not always measured by money! Your presence alone is a very positive impact on the lives of the local people. It is not all about giving. Your visit is an indirect influence on daily earnings of a taxi driver, baker, fruit saleswoman, owner of a juice stand at the beach, staff on the local boats, and a salesman at the craft market. You support local activities and have a significant impact on jobs of locals by paying entrance fees to the ZOO, visiting a traditional concert or a local festival. Without even realizing, you can have a very positive effect on many people by visiting a country.



Travelling to the country is the first step and after that, the decision is yours – you can continue helping or not.

– Learning, adjusting, teaching.
– You can visit places where most of travel agencies will never take you.
– You live with and get to know local people and make many new friends.
– You can try local food and experience local customs by yourself.
– Save money – planing a journey with us can be much cheaper.
– Experience local transportation, learn how to be independent in a foreign country.
– Helping other people and an intercultural exchange of knowledge.
– Increase your social awareness and social responsibility.
– If you volunteer, you acquire working experience in an international environment.
– Improve your knowledge of English and learn some basic words and phrases in the local language.

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