Think of us as you personal assistant service. Simply ask and we will try to answer all your questions. Provide us with an overview of where you want to go and what you want to do and we will help you make it happen.

Planning your trip to West Africa with us can save your time, money and significantly reduce the fear and stereotypical frustrations that people usually have about this beautiful black continent.

We offer our many years of experience in tourism and life in The Gambia. Quality assurance and customization services according to your wishes are our number one goal. We believe that we can assist in coordinating every detail of your itinerary. We are looking forward to your next trip becoming a memorable and unique experience.

Treasures of West Africa offers personalized advice for any trip to West Africa, where we have some experience. If you have a special interest or unique itinerary, which is not part of our regular offer, we will use our knowledge and experience to assist in planning your trip anyway.

Use our consulting services before your departure via e-mail address. It is important that you specify as much information as you can about what would you like to do and what information do you need; where do you want to travel, how do you want to travel, what would you like to see, what is your plan for traveling, budget, etc.

We are here for you and we will invest a lot of effort to provide useful information you need. Your questions should be sent to

Source: Google maps
Source: Google maps