Paradise Beach Gambia
The Gambia is West Africa at its most accessible. Stable, peaceful, affordable and within comfortable flying distance of Europe, this former British colony has been a popular holiday destination for four decades, and its appealing tropical climate, lively beach resorts and friendly atmosphere are enough to keep sunseekers returning time and time again.

The fact is that you cannot see the ‘big five’ (buffalo, lion, elephant, leopard and rhino) here, but this can make your journey to Africa significantly cheaper. Spending days with locals, by travelling up-country, you’ll discover picturesque mud-built villages, rice fields, and palm groves, vibrant markets and you’ll attend local festivals & ceremonies. This is a great opportunity to experience the country through the eyes of locals.

The main tourist attraction in the “land of smiling people“, as Gambia is affectionately named, is the country as a whole and its inhabitants. Next to the offers of traditional sun, sand and sea, this West African country is also a haven for bird watchers, dolphin and hippo watching, recreational fishing and for those people who love to explore tropical plants.

Cultural heritage in Gambia is very ethnically diverse, and offers many unique experiences for visitors. Among the attractions are performances and the arts – dance and music are highly developed and very important. Gambia does not disappoint in its cuisine with its diverse and interesting food. Lastly, Gambia is full of historical buildings, monuments and archaeological sites, most of which were confirmed by UNESCO.

Old dad in the village