The Gambia is becoming one of the most popular and attractive travel destinations in the world. Despite the fact that it is on the smallest countries in Africa and you cannot see “the big five”, it does not fail to compete with others. On the contrary, it has more attractions at one place than many other African countries.

The main tourist attraction in the land of smiling people is the country as a whole and its inhabitants. Next to the offers of traditional sun, sand and sea, this West African country is a heaven for travelers who love people, animals and nature. Cultural heritage in Gambia is very ethnically diverse, and offers many unique experiences for visitors. Among the attractions are performances and the arts – dance and music are highly developed and very important. Lastly, Gambia is full of historical buildings, monuments and archaeological sites, most of which were confirmed by UNESCO.

We offer a unique experience to all friends of The Gambia. Beside seeing the attractions, you will have opportunity to volunteer, spend days with the locals, attend a festival, a wedding or a naming ceremony, walk through picturesque markets, meet the village chief, experience an adrenaline ride with a local boat, have your African dress done by local tailor and so much more.

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