We created a program, which enables visiting and experiencing the real Gambia without strict conditions, specific education, experience and time limits. It’s our belief that anyone, who would like to spend some time with children and meet friendly locals, deserves this opportunity. There are many people, who spend their whole lives dreaming about volunteering in Africa and we are here to help to make these dreams come true.

We are offering volunteering opportunities to 6 volunteers from all over the world with different experiences and knowledge. Professional training is not a requirement. Everybody who would like to educate children and at the same time learn something new is invited. Anyone who would want to do something useful with the time in The Gambia is welcome to join.

International summer school camp in The Gambia will take place from 04.07.2016 until 29.07.2016. The program will be prepared by education teachers in collaboration with other participants of the summer school camp 2016.

Summer School Camp is open to all children up to the age of 12 years. The school is free of charge for all children, and each child will receive a daily meal (if fundraising will be successful) .

We want them to gain knowledge that will help them in their future and education. We want them to overcome their fear, to upgrade their English language skills, to be creative, to get musical education and do sports activities. All this will be done under professional supervision and in a creative environment, in small groups and through play.

The number of applications is limited, so hurry and sign up!

For more information, please contact us at info@kidsaretheworld.com.

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