I went to The Gambia without any expectations, but with one single wish – to meet Princess, my protégé. When we first met Princess and her mother, her mother said to her ‘look who is here, your mother’. It pinched me in the heart. What do you mean mother, you are her mother?! Now I know that I am a mother as well, with great pleasure and pride!

At the beginning, she was a bit shy. However, not anymore at our next meeting. She did not let go of my hand, the best part was when she was in my lap. Supposedly, we are similar – by character. The visit of the school was also a valuable experience, all the children are happy because they are in school. Happiness is beaming and smile is shining from their faces. Touches and hugs were being shared … things we forgot about a bit already.

In The Gambia, life has a different rhythm. I immediately fell into it. In a moment, I grew fond of The Gambia and its people. Everybody greets you to their surroundings with a smile, they share everything with you. I felt like coming home.

On numerous occasions, I heard “it’s nice to be nice”. And to me, everyone really were “very nice”. That is how I try to live – “being nice”.

The Gambia gave me a lot. I miss the country, I miss the people. It was hard to say goodbye, but in my heart, I knew I will be back one day.

Thank you Princess, thank you The Gambia!!! I know we will meet again.

Klavdija Hvala

Sponsor a child Gambia

If you want to make a deep impact on the quality of life of children in The Gambia now and in the future then decide to SPONSOR A CHILD.

Those families, which we have met in person and have sponsors for their children, have been doing better since we started helping them. The children are more self-confident and can’t wait to go to school every day, mothers have new hope. They express their immense gratitude in their own way, by praying.

We would like everyone to visit these families, talk to them in person and see with their own eyes the circumstances these families live in. It’s difficult to describe what we feel when we shake hands with a desperate parent and when people express their gratitude. These connections are of extreme importance to us.

The aim of the sponsorship project is to offer direct support to the children who need help the most. All means are intended for the children and their families for the purposes of buying clothes, providing education, food and healthcare.

Contact us directly for more information at info@kidsaretheworld.com