This is a short video presentation of our work and a program Travel as a volunteer which is changing lives of individuals in the Gambia and all who visited the smiling coast of Africa, The Gambia.

Travel as a Volunteer is a program that offers travelers a completely different experience. “Travel and help” is not a new trend in tourism, but it is a different way of combining travel and volunteering, connecting work and entertainment. This program does not expect you to devote all of your time doing voluntary work, but it is a part of your journey.

Through the local humanitarian organization Charity Pearl, founded by Musa Faal you will experience the country through the eyes of the locals, share your knowledge and experiences, gather with them at their homes. explore the country, new culture and tradition, see the animals in their natural environment, admire the natural attractions, know more about painful history, visit remote villages, taste traditional food, sing and dance with locals. And the most important of all is that you will return home richer for a new, honest friendship and unforgettable experience that will forever stay in your heart.

The program is suitable for every type of vacation, whether it is a summer vacation for the entire family, an adventurous and active trip for students and young people, long winter holidays for retirees, a romantic getaway for honeymooners or a educational group volunteering experience.

We created a program, which enables visiting and experiencing the real Gambia without strict conditions, specific education, experience and time limits. It’s our belief that anyone, who would like to spend some time with children, meet friendly locals and explore the country, deserves this opportunity. There are many people, who spend their whole lives dreaming about volunteering in Africa and we are here to help to make these dreams come true!

Video: Sara Gufo, volunteer & student of ethnology and cultural anthropology, applied for Travel as a volunteer and went to The Gambia in September for a special mission. She was recording daily life in The Gambia the way it is. With our help she became a part of our big family in The Gambia. She has visited remote villages, which are conected with our current and upcoming projects in the Gambia. With her help you will have a closer look into our work, volunteering, child sponsorship, new projects and the land of smiling people.

We would like to thank again to all our volunteers and sponsors who are helping us to build a bridge to a better and brighter future for our children in the Gambia.

For more information please visit our website www.travelasvolunteer.com or e-mail us at info@kidsaretheworld.com